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Title: Work production of quantum rotor engines
Authors: Colombo, M
Lòpez-Perolio, I
Meeks, H.D
Caleca, L
Parsons, M.T
Li, H
De Vecchi, G
Tudini, E
Foglia, C
Mondini, P
Manoukian, S
Behar, R
Garcia, E.B.G
Meindl, A
Montagna, M
Niederacher, D
Schmidt, A.Y
Varesco, L
Wappenschmidt, B
Bolla, M.K
Dennis, J
Michailidou, K
Wang, Q
Aittomäki, K
Andrulis, I.L
Anton-Culver, H
Arndt, V
Beckmann, M.W
Beeghly-Fadel, A
Benitez, J
Boeckx, B
Bogdanova, N.V
Bojesen, S.E
Bonanni, B
Brauch, H
Brenner, H
Burwinkel, B
Chang-Claude, J
Conroy, D.M
Couch, F.J
Cox, A
Cross, S.S
Czene, K
Devilee, P
Dörk, T
Eriksson, M
Fasching, P.A
Figueroa, J
Fletcher, O
Flyger, H
Gabrielson, M
García-Closas, M
Giles, G.G
González-Neira, A
Guénel, P
Haiman, C.A
Hall, P
Hamann, U
Hartman, M 
Hauke, J
Hollestelle, A
Hopper, J.L
Jakubowska, A
Jung, A
Kosma, V.-M
Lambrechts, D
Le Marchand, L
Lindblom, A
Lubinski, J
Mannermaa, A
Margolin, S
Miao, H 
Milne, R.L
Neuhausen, S.L
Nevanlinna, H
Olson, J.E
Peterlongo, P
Peto, J
Pylkäs, K
Sawyer, E.J
Schmidt, M.K
Schmutzler, R.K
Schneeweiss, A
Schoemaker, M.J
See, M.H
Southey, M.C
Swerdlow, A
Teo, S.H
Toland, A.E
Tomlinson, I
Truong, T
van Asperen, C.J
van den Ouweland, A.M.W
van der Kolk, L.E
Winqvist, R
Yannoukakos, D
Zheng, W
Dunning, A.M
Easton, D.F
Henderson, A
Hogervorst, F.B.L
Izatt, L
Offitt, K
Side, L.E
van Rensburg, E.J
Embrace, S
Hebon, S
McGuffog, L
Antoniou, A.C
Chenevix-Trench, G
Spurdle, A.B
Goldgar, D.E
Hoya, M.D.L
Radice, P
kConFab/AOCS Investigators
Seah, S
Nimmrichter, S 
Scarani, V 
Keywords: Cold working
Energy dissipation
Hot working
Information theory
Kinetic energy
Autonomous operations
extractable work
Heating and cooling
Mechanical performance
Optimal conditions
Quantum thermodynamics
Thermal machines
Work definitions
Heat engines
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Institute of Physics Publishing
Citation: Colombo, M, Lòpez-Perolio, I, Meeks, H.D, Caleca, L, Parsons, M.T, Li, H, De Vecchi, G, Tudini, E, Foglia, C, Mondini, P, Manoukian, S, Behar, R, Garcia, E.B.G, Meindl, A, Montagna, M, Niederacher, D, Schmidt, A.Y, Varesco, L, Wappenschmidt, B, Bolla, M.K, Dennis, J, Michailidou, K, Wang, Q, Aittomäki, K, Andrulis, I.L, Anton-Culver, H, Arndt, V, Beckmann, M.W, Beeghly-Fadel, A, Benitez, J, Boeckx, B, Bogdanova, N.V, Bojesen, S.E, Bonanni, B, Brauch, H, Brenner, H, Burwinkel, B, Chang-Claude, J, Conroy, D.M, Couch, F.J, Cox, A, Cross, S.S, Czene, K, Devilee, P, Dörk, T, Eriksson, M, Fasching, P.A, Figueroa, J, Fletcher, O, Flyger, H, Gabrielson, M, García-Closas, M, Giles, G.G, González-Neira, A, Guénel, P, Haiman, C.A, Hall, P, Hamann, U, Hartman, M, Hauke, J, Hollestelle, A, Hopper, J.L, Jakubowska, A, Jung, A, Kosma, V.-M, Lambrechts, D, Le Marchand, L, Lindblom, A, Lubinski, J, Mannermaa, A, Margolin, S, Miao, H, Milne, R.L, Neuhausen, S.L, Nevanlinna, H, Olson, J.E, Peterlongo, P, Peto, J, Pylkäs, K, Sawyer, E.J, Schmidt, M.K, Schmutzler, R.K, Schneeweiss, A, Schoemaker, M.J, See, M.H, Southey, M.C, Swerdlow, A, Teo, S.H, Toland, A.E, Tomlinson, I, Truong, T, van Asperen, C.J, van den Ouweland, A.M.W, van der Kolk, L.E, Winqvist, R, Yannoukakos, D, Zheng, W, Dunning, A.M, Easton, D.F, Henderson, A, Hogervorst, F.B.L, Izatt, L, Offitt, K, Side, L.E, van Rensburg, E.J, Embrace, S, Hebon, S, McGuffog, L, Antoniou, A.C, Chenevix-Trench, G, Spurdle, A.B, Goldgar, D.E, Hoya, M.D.L, Radice, P, kConFab/AOCS Investigators, Seah, S, Nimmrichter, S, Scarani, V (2018). Work production of quantum rotor engines. New Journal of Physics 20 (4) : 43045. ScholarBank@NUS Repository.
Abstract: We study the mechanical performance of quantum rotor heat engines in terms of common notions of work using two prototypical models: a mill driven by the heat flow from a hot to a cold mode, and a piston driven by the alternate heating and cooling of a single working mode. We evaluate the extractable work in terms of ergotropy, the kinetic energy associated to net directed rotation, as well as the intrinsic work based on the exerted torque under autonomous operation, and we compare them to the energy output for the case of an external dissipative load and for externally driven engine cycles. Our results connect work definitions from both physical and information-theoretical perspectives. In particular, we find that apart from signatures of angular momentum quantization, the ergotropy is consistent with the intuitive notion of work in the form of net directed motion. It also agrees with the energy output to an external load or agent under optimal conditions. This sets forth a consistent thermodynamical description of rotating quantum motors, flywheels, and clocks. © 2018 The Author(s). Published by IOP Publishing Ltd on behalf of Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft.
Source Title: New Journal of Physics
ISSN: 1367-2630
DOI: 10.1088/1367-2630/aab704
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