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Title: Adsorption evaporative emission control system for vehicles
Keywords: adsorption, adsorption isotherms,kinetics, gasoline vapor, evaporative emission control, activated carbon
Issue Date: 19-Aug-2009
Citation: HE JINGMING (2009-08-19). Adsorption evaporative emission control system for vehicles. ScholarBank@NUS Repository.
Abstract: In recent years, hydrocarbon emissions, caused by evaporation of the gasoline during vehicle operation, vehicle refueling at gas station and gasoline unloading, have drawn increasing research attention because of environmental concerns. In this thesis, the adsorption characteristics of gasoline vapor on four types of activated carbon adsorbents are investigated using thermal gravimetric method and correlated into empirical equations of isotherm, kinetics and heat of adsorption, which are greatly lacking in the published literature. The type Maxsorb III activated carbon is found to have significantly high absorbability to the gasoline vapor owing to its tri-modal pore structure, large surface area and high pore volume. With the gasoline adsorption characteristic correlations, a numerical simulation on an adsorption apparatus using type Maxsorb III activated carbon as adsorbent and a finned-tube heat exchanger as adsorber is established. With the simulation tool, such an adsorption apparatus is fabricated and tested for a range of cooling and heating temperatures. Both the simulation and experimental results show a good agreement and significantly high gasoline vapor uptake can be achieved, suggesting a practical method for gasoline vapor evaporative emission control.
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