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Title: Nature Inspired Composite Nanofibers
Keywords: Electrospinning, nanofiber, nanoparticles, bone, mineralization, 3D scaffold
Issue Date: 13-Jul-2009
Citation: TEO WEE EONG (2009-07-13). Nature Inspired Composite Nanofibers. ScholarBank@NUS Repository.
Abstract: Bone is a mechanically strong natural composite that is made out of relatively weak organic nanofibers and calcium phosphate nanoparticles. Replicating bone structure from the bottom-up would be the first step to greater understanding of the interactions between the structure, materials and organization of the nano-components and may lead to a novel bone regenerative scaffold. To replicate bone structure, a novel nanofibrous yarn spinning technique was developed. The yarn spinning technique was modified to fabricate 3D nanofibrous scaffold. Mineralization of the 3D nanofibrous scaffold resulted in a 3D nanofibrous composite scaffold with the same organic nanofiber and inorganic nanoparticle components found in bone. Mechanical testing showed that organization of the inorganic nanoparticles on the nanofibers plays a key role in the compressive strength of the resultant nature inspired composite nanofibrous structure.
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