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dc.titleTwo Neo-Confucian Perspective on the Way - Yi Yi's and Li Zhi's Commentaries on the Laozi
dc.contributor.authorKIM HAK ZE
dc.identifier.citationKIM HAK ZE (2009-02-02). Two Neo-Confucian Perspective on the Way - Yi Yi's and Li Zhi's Commentaries on the Laozi. ScholarBank@NUS Repository.
dc.description.abstractThe Laozi is one of the most influential classics in Chinese history and has given rise to a rich commentarial tradition. Even Neo-Confucians, who ostensibly viewed Daoism with suspicion, were attracted to the Laozi. This thesis explores two Ming-Joseon Neo-Confucians' understanding of the Laozi - Li Zhi(1527-1602, Zhuowu) of Ming China and Yi Yi(1536-1584, Yulgok) of Joseon Korea.Yulgok's Sun-Eon represents a "Cheng-Zhu" view on the Laozi, while Li Zhi's Laozi jie exemplifies a "Yangming" understanding of the Laozi in their times. Their perspectives on the Laozi were influenced by their cultural and philosophical backgrounds. However, Yulgok's and Li Zhi's commentaries are not mere imposition of their thought on the Laozi but a successful philosophical synthesis; Yulgok and Li Zhi tried to re-discover the truth of the Laozi in their own philosophical contexts, thereby bequeathing to posterity two different yet equally insightful Neo-Confucian perspectives on the Laozi.
dc.subjectCheng-Zhu learning, Li Zhi (Zhuowu), Neo-Confucianism, the Laozi, Yangming learning. Yi Yi (Yulgok)
dc.contributor.supervisorCHAN KAM-LEUNG, ALAN
dc.description.degreeconferredDOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY
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