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Title: Modelling and simulation of ion implantation induced damage
Keywords: ion implantation, damage accumulation, dynamic annealing, amorphous pockets, modeling, simulation
Issue Date: 6-Jun-2007
Citation: MOK KAI RINE, CAROLINE (2007-06-06). Modelling and simulation of ion implantation induced damage. ScholarBank@NUS Repository.
Abstract: In the modeling and simulation of ion implantation induced damage, damage kinetics during the implantation process, damage evolution, amorphization and recrystallization must be accurately simulated. This has been modeled by the recrystallization of damage structures known as the amorphous pockets. The model parameters have been obtained from experimental amorphous-crystalline transition temperatures for a range of implanted ions. This model is shown to reproduce a variety of experimental conditions with different implant parameters. In addition, damage evolution involving the transformation of {311} defects to dislocation loops has also been successfully tested against experimental data. Finally, the damage models developed in this work can be successfully used in technologically relevant processes involved in the formation of ultra-shallow junctions. Good agreement between simulation results and experimental data for dopant concentration and activation were obtained in both bulk silicon and silicon-on-insulator. This shows that the simulations are predictive and can provide valuable insights for process optimization.
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