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Title: Glass formation in La-Rich La-Al-Cu-(Ni) Alloys
Authors: TAN HAO
Keywords: bulk metallic glass, glass matrix composite, La-Al-Cu-(Ni), phase selection, formation mechanism, glass forming ability
Issue Date: 10-Oct-2006
Citation: TAN HAO (2006-10-10). Glass formation in La-Rich La-Al-Cu-(Ni) Alloys. ScholarBank@NUS Repository.
Abstract: Up to now, factors governing the glass forming ability (GFA) of Bulk metallic glasses (BMGs) still remain unclear. Recently, in situ glass matrix composite becomes more important due to its superior mechanical properties, but little work has been done on the formation mechanism. This thesis firstly correlated GFA with the Trg(= Tg /Tl) parameter in La-rich La-Al-Cu system. It was found that the best glass former, La66Al14Cu20 has the highest value of Trg. Secondly, to improve the GFA of La66Al14Cu20, theoretical analysis was made based on phase selection theory. Formation mechanisms for composite and BMG were revealed. Microstructure selection maps were discussed in view of symmetric and skewed systems. A strategy for pinpointing the best glass-forming alloy was established. Consequently, a new glass former, La62Al15.65(Cu,Ni)22.35 in La-rich La-Al-(Cu,Ni) system was found. Finally, microstructure selection map in this system was investigated, which matched the predictions.
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