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Title: Quartz sensor array with mesoporous silica films as functional materials
Keywords: QCM, QCM array, mesoporous silica film, silica hybrid, plasma calcination, gas sensor
Issue Date: 24-Nov-2006
Citation: ALAGAPPAN PALANIAPPAN (2006-11-24). Quartz sensor array with mesoporous silica films as functional materials. ScholarBank@NUS Repository.
Abstract: This thesis outlines the use of plasma calcined mesoporous silica films to form hybrids for gas sensing applications by entrapping sensitive receptor molecule in its porous network. Quartz Crystal Microbalance (QCM) is used as the sensing platform on which mesoporous silica films are deposited using sol-gel technique. Argon plasma calcination, a low temperature process, is employed to gel the sol instead of conventional thermal calcination. Polymers and surfactants are used as templates for generating the mesoporous structure upon removal by the plasma calcination. FESEM, EDX, FT-IR, SAXS, NMR, TofSIMS, nano-indentation and nitrogen adsorption analysis are used to characterize the obtained films. QCM coated with silica hybrid films is tested as a gas sensor for selectively capturing target analytes. The higher surface area of the mesoporous silica film accommodates more receptor molecules and subsequently more target analytes that enhance the QCM response and thereby the sensitivity. QCM Arrays (Quartz Crystal Array: QCA), fabricated using standard photolithography techniques, are used to analyze complex mixture of target analytes. It is concluded that the sensitivity of the QCM/QCA is enhanced by depositing functionalized argon plasma calcined mesoporous films on the QCM/QCA electrodes.
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