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dc.titleAnalysis of transcription factors in living human cells with the help of split-ubiquitin system
dc.contributor.authorRASHMI TRIPATHI
dc.identifier.citationRASHMI TRIPATHI (2006-04-13). Analysis of transcription factors in living human cells with the help of split-ubiquitin system. ScholarBank@NUS Repository.
dc.description.abstractProtein-protein interactions between the human linker histone protein hH1, which plays a key role in controlling chromatin dynamics in human cells, and other core histone proteins hH2A, hH2B, hH3 and hH4, have been analyzed using the two-component split-ubiquitin system. hH1 has been shown to interact specifically with hH3 and hH4. These interactions have been confirmed by co-immunoprecipitation inside HEK293 cells as well. Molecular modeling has helped us to visualize these interactions in the context of the nucleosomal core particle. Moreover a high throughput method for screening of interacting partners for human linker histone inside human cells has been developed. This has been achieved by adapting the split-ubiquitin system in human HT1080HPRT- cells using Adeno-Associated Viral particles for delivery and expression of a potential human cDNA library.
dc.subjectsplit-ubiquitin sytem, protein-protein interactions, transcription, histones, H1,AAV
dc.contributor.supervisorLEHMING, NORBERT
dc.description.degreeconferredMASTER OF SCIENCE
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