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Title: Metal contacts to P-type gallium nitride
Keywords: p-GaN, contact, surface treatment, plasma treatment, O2 annealing, N2 annealing
Issue Date: 20-Jan-2006
Citation: LIM WOON CHI, JANIS (2006-01-20). Metal contacts to P-type gallium nitride. ScholarBank@NUS Repository.
Abstract: AQ, Cl2/N2 plasma and O2 plasma treatments on the Ni/Au (20/20 nm) contact to p-GaN are found to result in similar I-V characteristics, attributed to the similar Ga/N and O/Ga ratios obtained. O2 annealing was observed to be better than N2 annealing only for AQ surface treatment due to formation of Ni3N compounds for the Cl2/N2 plasma-treated samples and N-Ga-Ox and Ga-Ox-C complexes during O2 plasma treatment.Both N2 and O2 annealings are seen to be unlikely to improve the electrical characteristics of the Rh (10 nm) and Rh/Au (10/10 nm) contacts. O2 annealing improves only the Rh/Ni (10/10 nm) and Rh/Ni/Au (10/10/10 nm) contacts while N2 annealing is generally unable to improve Rh-based contacts to p-GaN. NiO formation and some in-diffusion of it to the GaN surface is observed for the O2-annealed Rh/Ni contact, showing similarity to the O2-annealed Ni/Au contact except that Rh-gallides formed result in a Ga-deficient GaN surface and consequently, good contact to p-GaN.
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