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Title: Micro-grooving on electroless nickel plated die materials
Keywords: Electroless nickel, Micro-grooves, Single crystal diamond tool, Rake angle, Tool wear, Surface roughness
Issue Date: 14-Jan-2006
Citation: ALTABUL QUDDUS BIDDUT (2006-01-14). Micro-grooving on electroless nickel plated die materials. ScholarBank@NUS Repository.
Abstract: This study attempts to evaluate the performance of single crystal diamond tools with rake angles of 00,+50 and -50 during micro grooving on electroless nickel plated molding dies. It was found that diamond tools with the 00 rake angle have superior performance compared to those with +50 and -50 with respect to tool wear, cutting forces, and machined surface roughness. Tool wears on the flank and rake faces of the +50 rake and the -50 rake tool were found to increase with cutting distance with corresponding increase in forces. On the other hand, the 00 rake tool machined satisfactorily up to the same cutting distance (11.689 km) without any sign of tool wear. However, the increase in wear on tools with +50 and -50 rake angles, and cutting forces on the diamond tools with all these three different rake angles did not significantly affect the surface roughness. The effects of various cutting parameters such as spindle speed and infeed rate on the cutting forces and surface roughness are also presented. It was observed that cutting forces increase proportionately with spindle speed and infeed rate without any significant variation of surface roughness. Surface quality of up to 3nm Ra was achievable during micro-grooving of electroless nickel.
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