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Title: Study of stereocilia mechanics with applications to biomimetic sensor design
Keywords: Cilia, Active beam, PZT, Vibration amplification, Frequency detection
Issue Date: 26-Oct-2005
Citation: YONG JIAN-SI (2005-10-26). Study of stereocilia mechanics with applications to biomimetic sensor design. ScholarBank@NUS Repository.
Abstract: In this project, we developed an active beam sensor modeled after the auditory stereocilia. The active beam sensor consists of a cantilever beam with a lead zirconate titanate (PZT) piezoelectric bimorph actuator mounted at its fixed end. The active sensor is used to measure base and acoustic stimulus. The sensitivity (tip displacement) and frequency selectivity (resonant frequency) of the active sensor can be adjusted by varying the amplitude and phase of the voltage (VPZT) across the PZT bimorph actuator. A closed loop feedback is implemented to control the amplitude and phase of VPZT. We investigate the effect of varying the close loop control parameters on the active sensor. A mathematical model based on the Timoshenko beam theory is developed and experiments are also performed. Experimental measurements and simulation results are in good agreement. Both the simulation results and experimental measurements show that the control parameters can be used to tune the active beam to respond optimally to specific frequencies. When tuned to a desired sensitivity and frequency selectivity, this beam can be integrated into a sensor array arrangement. Individual active sensors are selected to cover a narrow frequency band. This allows the sensor array to cover a broad range of frequency. Potential applications of the active sensor array include frequency detection, pre-conditioning (such as amplification and spectral decomposition) of incoming signals before they are analyzed.
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