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Title: Magnetic reversal and vortex chiralities in submicron cobalt dots
Keywords: Nanomagnets; Magnetization vortex; Magnetization reversal process;Vortex nucleation and annihilation; Vortex chirality; Planar Hall effect
Issue Date: 24-Nov-2005
Citation: HUANG YUNSONG (2005-11-24). Magnetic reversal and vortex chiralities in submicron cobalt dots. ScholarBank@NUS Repository.
Abstract: We have investigated the magnetization reversal processes of submicron Co dotsof various sizes and thicknesses. The onset of the formation of magnetization vortexwas found at a phase boundary of thickness and size. We observed that the stabilityand magnetic behavior of magnetization vortex is strongly dependent on dimensionsof dots and pitch of arrays. The phenomenon is verified and explained by a modifieda??rigida?? vortex model. We have also investigated the chirality of magnetization vortex. By placing a Codot at the boundary of the junction, asymmetrical planar Hall effect (PHE) signalswere detected for opposite vortex propagations, from which vortex chirality wasdetermined. Near annihilation field, a size dependent PHE voltage gap betweenopposite vortices was observed. Based on the voltage gap, a possible readingprocess for data stored in form of chirality was proposed. Our experimental resultsare in good agreement with theory.
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