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Title: Induction of anti-tumor response by dendritic cell-based vaccination
Keywords: dendritic cells, Flt-3L, muc-1, peptide immunization, DNA immunization, anti-tumor response
Issue Date: 23-Aug-2005
Citation: FONG CHOY LEN (2005-08-23). Induction of anti-tumor response by dendritic cell-based vaccination. ScholarBank@NUS Repository.
Abstract: Dendritic cells (DC) are the excellent vehicle for the delivery of therapeutic cancer vaccines due to their potent antigen presenting capability. However, in vivo exploitation of DC to optimize the efficay of vaccines has not been fully explored. We investigate peptide- and DNA-based vaccine approaches which involve delivering Flt-3L that both expand and recruit DC at the antigen administration or production site (in situ). In peptide-based strategy, we demonstrated that in vivo administration of antigenic peptide (muc-1) following DC expansion with Flt-3L gene generating potent muc-1-specific anti-tumor response. In DNA-based vaccine strategy, a DNA construct, termed pNGVL3-hFLex-muc-1, was generated encoding the extracellular domain of human Flt-3L ligated to the muc-1 epitope. Intramuscular immunization, but not intravenous immunization, with pNGVL3-hFLex-muc-1 DNA vaccine induces potent anti-tumor response associated with DC recruitment to the immunization sites. These two strategies provide alternatives to treat human malignancies.
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