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Title: Composition-tunable semiconductor nanocrystals with high luminescence
Authors: LIN LI
Keywords: semiconductor, alloyed nanocrystals, composition-tunable, high luminescence
Issue Date: 10-Dec-2005
Citation: LIN LI (2005-12-10). Composition-tunable semiconductor nanocrystals with high luminescence. ScholarBank@NUS Repository.
Abstract: In this thesis, a green chemical route to high-quality CdS, ZnS and ZnxCd1-xS nanocrystals is reported. The coordinating solvents used in this study include a series of convenient high-boiling long-chain amines such as hexadecylamine, oleylamine, etc. Our research focuses mainly on the formation of cubic zinc-blende CdS and ZnxCd1-xS nanocrystals at elevated temperature in this synthetic approach, where rapid nucleation and instant termination of the crystal growth process are observed. This nucleation and growth feature allows for a reproducible and controllable synthesis of nanocrystals with specific emission wavelengths. CdS, ZnS and ZnxCd1-xS alloyed nanocrystals are also prepared by thermolysis method. The alloyed nanocrystals give a blue shift in the emission and absorption edge as compared to the binary CdS nanocrystals. The observed continuous shift of the absorption and PL spectra of the obtained nanocrystals with different compositions is the most direct evidence for the alloying process.
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