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dc.titleGrowth and characterisation of spintronics materials
dc.contributor.authorLIU WEI
dc.identifier.citationLIU WEI (2005-06-04). Growth and characterisation of spintronics materials. ScholarBank@NUS Repository.
dc.description.abstractZnO based DMS and CrO2 have been grown and studied in transport and magnetic properties. Meanwhile, CrO2 related magnetic devices were fabricated. ZnO based DMS are possible room temperature ferromagnetic semiconductors. The first part of my research work focus on the growth of magnetic i??-doping structures of ZnO based DMS using a new ALCVD method and characterizations (XRD, Hall effect measurement, SQUID) of these obtained films. In addition, the effects of annealing to the films are studied to explore the transport properties of this material system. Second, I focus on the sputtered ZnO thin films. Mn doped ZnO of homogenous doping and modulated doping have been sputtered. And I made the research on the fabrication of ZnO-CoFe-ZnO:Al structures. The third part is on low pressure CVD growth of half metal (CrO2) thin films. And the characterization of the obtained thin films includes XRD, VSM measurement. In addition, we also tried the fabrication of related nanostructures and devices, for example MTJ, CPP and nanowires.
dc.subjectDMS, half metal, ZnO:TM, CrO2, ALCVD, CVD
dc.contributor.departmentELECTRICAL & COMPUTER ENGINEERING
dc.contributor.supervisorWU YIHONG
dc.description.degreeconferredMASTER OF ENGINEERING
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