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dc.titleNonlinear photonic crystals for frequency conversion of infrared light
dc.contributor.authorKANG CHIANG HUEN
dc.identifier.citationKANG CHIANG HUEN (2005-04-27). Nonlinear photonic crystals for frequency conversion of infrared light. ScholarBank@NUS Repository.
dc.description.abstractNonlinear photonic crystals for frequency conversion of 1064 nm infrared light were fabricated using electron beam lithography and Czochralski growth of bulk crystals. Electron beam irradiation on lithium niobate single crystals was performed with the optimal range of line charge density lying within 170 nC/cm and 250 nC/cm and area charge density within 450 A?C/cm2 to 550 A?C/cm2. Phase imaging of the nonlinear photonic crystals buried under a thin layer of polymer provides a novel way of imaging patterned ferroelectrics in humid environment. Spontaneous parametric down conversion imaging shows the non-uniformity in periodicity of Czochralski grown Y:LN nonlinear photonic crystals. Raman spectroscopy through a superlattice period show that the domain inverted region is largely anti-parallel to the uninverted ones which is in favor of the displacive mechanism for domain inversion in ferroelectrics. Conversion efficiency studies for second harmonic generation of 1064 nm wavelength of light yield a percentage of about 1.6%.
dc.subjectnonlinear photonic crystals, electron beam lithography, electrostatic force microscopy, spontaneous parametric down conversion, Raman spectroscopy
dc.contributor.supervisorSHEN ZEXIANG
dc.contributor.supervisorTANG SING HAI
dc.description.degreeconferredMASTER OF SCIENCE
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