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Title: Pen Torch Transillumination: Difficult Venepuncture Made Easy
Authors: Cai E.Z.
Sankaran K.
Tan M.
Chan Y.H.
Lim T.C. 
Issue Date: 1-Sep-2017
Publisher: Springer New York LLC
Citation: Cai E.Z., Sankaran K., Tan M., Chan Y.H., Lim T.C. (2017-09-01). Pen Torch Transillumination: Difficult Venepuncture Made Easy. World Journal of Surgery 41 (9) : 2401-2408. ScholarBank@NUS Repository.
Abstract: Introduction: Our novel technique of pen torch transillumination (PTI) uses a cheap and easily available instrument (Penlite-LP212�, Energizer�, Missouri, USA) to visualize superficial veins invisible to the naked eye. We evaluate the efficacy of PTI in improving venepuncture success rate (SR) for patients with poor venous access. Methods: This prospective randomized controlled trial looked at adult patients (n�=�69) aged 21�90 with difficult venous access (history of ?3 consecutive attempts required for successful cannulation during the current admission) requiring non-emergent venepuncture. Patients underwent venepuncture over the upper-limb using one of the following: conventional venepuncture (control); Veinlite� EMS (TransLite�, Texas, USA), a commercial transillumination device; PTI. Outcome measures were: successful cannulation within 2 attempts and total duration of venepuncture. Fisher�s exact and Kruskal�Wallis tests were performed. Results: A significantly larger number of patients had successful venepuncture within 2 attempts using PTI (22/23, 95.7%) and Veinlite (23/23, 100%), compared to the controls (7/23, 30.4%) (p�<�0.05). The total duration required for successful venepuncture was significantly shorter for Veinlite (mean 3.7�min, 1.0�5.3�min) and PTI (mean 8.5�min, range 1.08�27�min) compared to the controls (mean 23.2�min, range 1.88�46.5�min) (p�<�0.05). Conclusions: PTI allows users to visualize veins invisible to the naked eye. Thrombosed/tortuous veins, branch points and valves, are easily identified and avoided. It has comparable efficacy to Veinlite� and is cheaper (Veinlite�-USD 227 vs. Penlite-LP212�-USD 7.00) and more easily available. PTI improves patient care, especially in developing regions where costs are a concern. � 2017, Soci�t� Internationale de Chirurgie.
Source Title: World Journal of Surgery
ISSN: 03642313
DOI: 10.1007/s00268-017-4050-3
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