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dc.title探讨太阳花学运后“大陆新娘”在台湾蓝营媒体的形象与其意义 = A Discussion on Taiwan Pan-Blue Media’s Portrayal of Mainland Chinese Brides after the Sunflower Movement
dc.contributor.authorTEO YUE LING
dc.identifier.citation张月菱, TEO YUE LING (2018-04-09). 探讨太阳花学运后“大陆新娘”在台湾蓝营媒体的形象与其意义 = A Discussion on Taiwan Pan-Blue Media’s Portrayal of Mainland Chinese Brides after the Sunflower Movement. ScholarBank@NUS Repository.
dc.description.abstractMainland China brides living in Taiwan have always been portrayed in a negative light by the media intentionally due to historical relations and their affiliation with prostitution. Since the split of Taiwan and China in 1949, the impact of strait relations has not only affected the international relations, it has also affected how the two societies viewed each other. For a long time, China brides have been unfairly regarded as a political and societal threat by both the Taiwan government and people. The situation is further exacerbated by the inaccurate portrayal of these brides by the Taiwan media. Despite the individual political inclination of different newspapers in Taiwan, whether is pan-blue or pan-green, past research has shown that they all imposed the same image on China brides, which is a cause for societal problems in Taiwan. The Sunflower Movement witnessed a period of reflection by the Taiwanese, where their Chinese identity and relationship with China is reconsidered and rediscovered. This paper finds that, the media portrayal by Pan-blue media on China brides after the Sunflower Movement has shown a positive change. Hence, the aim of this paper is to study how two representative newspapers in Taiwan, China Times and United Daily, have portrayed the media image of China brides after Sunflower Movement and analyze why such an image surface during this period.
dc.subject太阳花学运, 大陆新娘, 台湾蓝营媒体, 海峡两岸服务贸易协议, 大陆配偶, 荣民通婚, 商品化婚姻, 假结婚,
dc.contributor.departmentCHINESE STUDIES
dc.contributor.supervisorONG CHANG WOEI
dc.description.degreeconferredBACHELOR OF SOCIAL SCIENCES (HONOURS)
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