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Title: A new strategy for enhancing imputation quality of rare variants from next-generation sequencing data via combining SNP and exome chip data
Authors: Kim Y.J.
Lee J.
Kim B.-J.
Park T.
Abecasis G.
Almeida M.
Altshuler D.
Asimit J.L.
Atzmon G.
Barber M.
Barzilai N.
Beer N.L.
Bell G.I.
Below J.
Blackwell T.
Blangero J.
Boehnke M.
Bowden D.W.
Burtt N.
Chambers J.
Chen H.
Chen P.
Chines P.S.
Choi S.
Churchhouse C.
Cingolani P.
Cornes B.K.
Cox N.
Day-Williams A.G.
Duggirala R.
Dupuis J.
Dyer T.
Feng S.
Fernandez-Tajes J.
Ferreira T.
Fingerlin T.E.
Flannick J.
Florez J.
Fontanillas P.
Frayling T.M.
Fuchsberger C.
Gamazon E.R.
Gaulton K.
Ghosh S.
Glaser B.
Gloyn A.
Grossman R.L.
Grundstad J.
Hanis C.
Heath A.
Highland H.
Horikoshi M.
Huh I.-S.
Huyghe J.R.
Ikram K.
Jablonski K.A.
Jun G.
Kato N.
Kim J.
Kim Y.J.
Kim B.-J.
Lee J.
King C.R.
Kooner J.
Kwon M.-S.
Im H.K.
Laakso M.
Lam K.K.-Y.
Lee J.
Lee S.
Lee S.
Lehman D.M.
Li H.
Lindgren C.M.
Liu X.
Livne O.E.
Locke A.E.
Mahajan A.
Maller J.B.
Manning A.K.
Maxwell T.J.
Mazoure A.
McCarthy M.I.
Meigs J.B.
Min B.
Mohlke K.L.
Morris A.P.
Musani S.
Nagai Y.
Ng M.C.Y.
Nicolae D.
Oh S.
Palmer N.
Park T.
Pollin T.I.
Prokopenko I.
Reich D.
Rivas M.A.
Scott L.J.
Seielstad M.
Cho Y.S.
Sim X. 
Sladek R.
Smith P.
Tachmazidou I.
Tai E.S. 
Teo Y.Y. 
Teslovich T.M.
Torres J.
Trubetskoy V.
Willems S.M.
Williams A.L.
Wilson J.G.
Wiltshire S.
Won S.
Wood A.R.
Xu W.
Yoon J.
Zawistowski M.
Zeggini E.
Zhang W.
Zöllner S.
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: BioMed Central Ltd.
Citation: Kim Y.J., Lee J., Kim B.-J., Park T., Abecasis G., Almeida M., Altshuler D., Asimit J.L., Atzmon G., Barber M., Barzilai N., Beer N.L., Bell G.I., Below J., Blackwell T., Blangero J., Boehnke M., Bowden D.W., Burtt N., Chambers J., Chen H., Chen P., Chines P.S., Choi S., Churchhouse C., Cingolani P., Cornes B.K., Cox N., Day-Williams A.G., Duggirala R., Dupuis J., Dyer T., Feng S., Fernandez-Tajes J., Ferreira T., Fingerlin T.E., Flannick J., Florez J., Fontanillas P., Frayling T.M., Fuchsberger C., Gamazon E.R., Gaulton K., Ghosh S., Glaser B., Gloyn A., Grossman R.L., Grundstad J., Hanis C., Heath A., Highland H., Horikoshi M., Huh I.-S., Huyghe J.R., Ikram K., Jablonski K.A., Jun G., Kato N., Kim J., Kim Y.J., Kim B.-J., Lee J., King C.R., Kooner J., Kwon M.-S., Im H.K., Laakso M., Lam K.K.-Y., Lee J., Lee S., Lee S., Lehman D.M., Li H., Lindgren C.M., Liu X., Livne O.E., Locke A.E., Mahajan A., Maller J.B., Manning A.K., Maxwell T.J., Mazoure A., McCarthy M.I., Meigs J.B., Min B., Mohlke K.L., Morris A.P., Musani S., Nagai Y., Ng M.C.Y., Nicolae D., Oh S., Palmer N., Park T., Pollin T.I., Prokopenko I., Reich D., Rivas M.A., Scott L.J., Seielstad M., Cho Y.S., Sim X., Sladek R., Smith P., Tachmazidou I., Tai E.S., Teo Y.Y., Teslovich T.M., Torres J., Trubetskoy V., Willems S.M., Williams A.L., Wilson J.G., Wiltshire S., Won S., Wood A.R., Xu W., Yoon J., Zawistowski M., Zeggini E., Zhang W., Zöllner S. (2015). A new strategy for enhancing imputation quality of rare variants from next-generation sequencing data via combining SNP and exome chip data. BMC Genomics 16 (1) : 1109. ScholarBank@NUS Repository.
Source Title: BMC Genomics
ISSN: 14712164
DOI: 10.1186/s12864-015-2192-y
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