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Title: Structure and dynamics of amine inversion
Keywords: G3XMP2, Inversion Barrier, Out of plane angle, ab initio, Planar and Non planar and Inversion angle.
Issue Date: 30-Oct-2004
Citation: KRISHNAN CHANDRASEKARAN (2004-10-30). Structure and dynamics of amine inversion. ScholarBank@NUS Repository.
Abstract: Abstract: Recent ab initio investigations of aniline molecule shows that amine group is non planar whereas previous studies established that it is a planar. The G3XMP2 amine inversion studies of aniline and its ortho para and meta derivatives have been studied in a detailed manner and it proves that geometry of the amino group is non-planar and has a considerable inversion barrier height. Substituents effect on ortho, para and meta derivatives of aniline by both electron donating and electron with drawing substituents have disclosed that electron donating substituents favors the pyramidal configuration of the amine group and electron attracting substituents imparts addition planarity to the amine group. The introduction of the nitrogen atom into the aromatic ring increases the planarity of the amine group and the degree of planarity increases as the nitrogen atom in the ring increases. The results of the G3XMP2 amine inversion studies agree well with the experimental values.
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