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Title: Techniques for optimizing time-stepped simulations
Keywords: Parallel, Distributed, Simulation, Time-Step, Supersteps, Piggy-backing
Issue Date: 6-Jul-2004
Citation: KARTHIK SHENOY (2004-07-06). Techniques for optimizing time-stepped simulations. ScholarBank@NUS Repository.
Abstract: In this thesis, we propose some optimizations for reducing global synchronizationin traditional time-stepped simulations. The work is mainly focused on interactivetype of simulations. Traditional time-stepped simulations are known to be eA?cientwhen simulation events are both frequent and dense. However, when simulationevents are less frequent (when compared to the size of time-steps) the performanceof time-stepped simulations degrades noticeably. This work aims to improve theperformance of traditional time-stepped simulations when the frequency of events islow and to maintain the eA?ciency of time-stepped simulations when the frequency ishigh. For simulations with tight real-time interactive constraints, the optimizationis achieved by maintaining information about future events at the host. In caseswhere lookahead information is available and the real-time constraints are relaxeda barrier synchronization based simulation is used.In the course of any simulation it is possible that simulation parameters such asevent density, lookahead, real-time constraints keep varying. The research aimsto achieve simulation eA?ciency by switching between the optimized simulationtechniques (traditional, piggyback-based and lookahead-based) and to achieve thisswitching we introduce a concept called 'super-stepping'. A probabilistic method isused to estimate suitable 'super-step' sizes.
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