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Title: Contact pressure measurement
Keywords: silicon based sensors, GaAs based sensors, AlxGa1-xAs pressure sensing film, contact pressure, Epitaxial Lift-Off, contact pressure test
Issue Date: 27-Nov-2003
Citation: THET NAING TUN (2003-11-27). Contact pressure measurement. ScholarBank@NUS Repository.
Abstract: This project is about the fabrication and testing of silicon based sensors for measuring contact pressure. Conventionally, AlxGa1-xAs epitaxial film based pressure sensors are fabricated on GaAs substrate which limits the measurable contact pressure range due to low fracture strength of GaAs. For extension of measurable contact pressure, AlxGa1-xAs pressure sensing film is removed from its original growth GaAs substrate by Epitaxial Lift-Off (ELO) technique and transplanted onto silicon substrate by van der Waals bonding. The resistor patterns are then formed on grafted film and the proposed silicon based sensors are able to measure the contact pressure as high as 45MPa. Conventional GaAs based sensors are also fabricated and contact pressure, hydrostatic pressure, elevated temperature and long-term stability tests are conducted. The test results are compared for both GaAs and silicon based sensors. The use of ELO technique is also explored in silicon based sensor fabrication for contact pressure measurement.
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