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Title: Intrathecal delivery of transgene to promote nerve regeneration
Authors: SHI LEI
Keywords: Gene Transfer; Polyethylenimine; PEGylation; Spinal Cord; Repeated Administration
Issue Date: 26-Jan-2004
Citation: SHI LEI (2004-01-26). Intrathecal delivery of transgene to promote nerve regeneration. ScholarBank@NUS Repository.
Abstract: The feasibility of gene delivery into the rat lumber subarachnoid space was evaluated following repeated intrathecal injection of PEI (polyethylenimine)-DNA complexes. A single injection with PEI/DNA complexes could lead to higher transgene expression than naked DNA. The initial high transgene expression level could persist for around 5 days. In parallel, effects of PEGylation extent upon CNS gene transfer were investigated. In repeated administration, a 70% attenuation of gene expression was observed at a 2-week interval. The attenuation was attributed to apoptotic cell death triggered by PEI-DNA complexes rather than each component alone. Meanwhile, polyethylene glycol-grafted PEI mediated transgene expression without attenuation after repeated dosing was administrated, even in those rats injected three times, with a 2-week interval between two continuous injections. Repeated administration of DNA complexed with PEG-grafted PEI through this less invasive means may prolong the transgene expression when needed, providing a potent promise for the treatment of spinal cord disorders.
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