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Title: Buckling of rectangular plates under intermediate and end loads
Authors: CHEN YU
Keywords: Elastic buckling; Plastic buckling; Thin plate theory; Incremental Theory of Plasticity; Deformation Theory of Plasticity; Rectangular plates;
Issue Date: 18-Nov-2003
Citation: CHEN YU (2003-11-18). Buckling of rectangular plates under intermediate and end loads. ScholarBank@NUS Repository.
Abstract: This thesis is concerned with the new buckling problem of rectangular plates subjected to intermediate and end uniaxial loads. The considered plate has two opposite simply supported edges that are parallel to the load direction and the other remaining edges may take any combination of free, simply supported or clamped condition. The buckling problem is solved by decomposing the plate into two sub-plates at the location where the intermediate uniaxial load acts. Each sub-plate buckling problem is solved exactly using the Levy approach and the two solutions brought together by matching the continuity equations at the separated edge.Both elastic and plastic theories have been used to formulate the problem. Extensive stability criteria curves were presented to elucidate the buckling behavior of such loaded rectangular plates. The results will be useful for engineers designing walls or plates that have to support intermediate floors/loads.
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