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Title: Spherical VS Flat Spatial Sections in Cosmology
Authors: LIM ZHI HAN
Keywords: Cosmology, spherical, flat, pre-inflation, horizon problem
Issue Date: 30-Jul-2007
Citation: LIM ZHI HAN (2007-07-30). Spherical VS Flat Spatial Sections in Cosmology. ScholarBank@NUS Repository.
Abstract: The global geometry of space is an open question in Cosmology. We study models of spatially spherical and flat Universes, that tunnel from a state of no classical spacetime into an asymptotically deSitter spacetime. Motivated by the Horizon Problem, we propose that our Universe be created with an initial length scale of 100L_p and that a pre-inflationary era is required for a sufficiently homogeneous space before Inflation. It is found that for a spherical Universe, favourable conditions to solve the Horizon Problem may be achieved by considering a Universe dominated with dark energy or cosmic strings. For a flat and compact Universe, we find that the Null Energy Condition (NRC) have to be violated in order to avoid an initial singularity. An inclusion of an NRC-violating scalar field results in a spacetime free of singularities and satisfies the requirements for a smooth and homogeneous Universe to evolve.
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