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Title: 先秦儒学与易关系之研究 = Confucianism and Yijing: A Study of their Intellectual relationship in Pre-Qin China
Authors: 徐威雄
Keywords: Yi 易, Yijing, Confucius, Confucianism , Yizhuan, Wangguanxue王官学, human nature and the way of Heaven æ€§ä¸Žå¤©é “
Issue Date: 31-Aug-2007
Citation: 徐威雄,SER WUE HIONG (2007-08-31). 先秦儒学与易关系之研究 = Confucianism and Yijing: A Study of their Intellectual relationship in Pre-Qin China. ScholarBank@NUS Repository.
Abstract: The relationship between Confucianism and Yijing (Book of Changes) is a central issue in the world thought in ancient China. Tradition has it that Confucius had studied the Yi-text and wrote the Yizhuan (Commentaries on the Yijing), and that the Yijing had become one of the Classics and thus key sources of what would develop into Confucianism. However, many scholars from the Qing dynasty and the Republican period challenged this traditional view, and the authorship of the Yizhuan and the relationship between the Yijing and early Confucianism has since become a critical issue in contemporary scholarship. This dissertation intends to show that the Yijing was deeply related to the formation of pre-Qin Confucianism. It focuses on the historical background about learning of the officials (wangguanxuecZ?????-|) in Zhou times, and reexamines comprehensively the connections between Confuciusa??s sayings in the Analects and ideas in the Yijing.. It argues that Confucius had in fact developed a theory of human nature and the way of Heaven (???a?Z???e??) with his study of the Yijing in his later years. Based on a thorough examination of internal textual evidence and archaeological findings, the dissertation also discusses the dating of the Yizhuan, and dates it to no later than the middle of the Warring States period. The dissertation concludes with a chapter on the intellectual affiliation of various disciples of Confucius to the Yijing including Yanhui e????S, Zengzi????-?, Zixia?-????, Youruo???e?Y, Shangqu???cz?, Zigong?-?e'!, Zizhang?-??? , Zisi?-????, Gongsun-nizi????-?????-?, Mencius?-??-?and Xunzie???-?.
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