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Title: High dielectric constant materials in SONOS-type non- volatile memory structures
Authors: TAN YAN NY
Keywords: High dielectric constant, SONOS, memory
Issue Date: 19-Jul-2007
Citation: TAN YAN NY (2007-07-19). High dielectric constant materials in SONOS-type non- volatile memory structures. ScholarBank@NUS Repository.
Abstract: SONOS (polysilicon-oxide-silicon nitride-oxide-silicon) Flash memory is one of the more attractive candidates to realize FLASH vertical scaling. This work entails finding innovative solutions, using high dielectric constant (high-K) materials, to overcome the limitations of the conventional floating gate structure as a result of rapidly shrinking device geometries. The conventional method to increase the programming speed and to lower the operating voltage of SONOS devices is by reducing the tunnel oxide thickness. However, this seriously degrades the charge retention capability of the device. To overcome this limitation, the SOHOS (polysilicon-oxide-high-K-oxide-silicon) Flash memory has been attempted in this work by replacing the silicon nitride layer with a high dielectric constant material. An alternative method to increase program/erase speed without decreasing the tunnel oxide thickness is by using a high-K material as the blocking oxide, which is demonstrated in this work. From electrostatics consideration, the use of a high dielectric constant blocking oxide layer will cause a smaller voltage drop across the blocking oxide and greater voltage drop across the tunnel oxide. This will result in a simultaneous increase of the electric field across the tunnel oxide and reduction of the electric field across the blocking oxide, leading to more efficient program and erase processes.Finally, the integration of high-K tunnel and blocking oxides and an ultra-high-K charge storage layer (TiO2) was also demonstrated in this project.
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