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Title: 汉语方言的重音模式 = A study of stress patterns in some major Chinese dialects
Authors: 钟奇
Keywords: chinese dialect, stress, metrical, information structure
Issue Date: 14-Jul-2007
Citation: 钟奇,ZHONG QI (2007-07-14). 汉语方言的重音模式 = A study of stress patterns in some major Chinese dialects. ScholarBank@NUS Repository.
Abstract: The thesis is a comprehensive study of its stress patterns found in some major Chinese dialects. It is argued that the stressed syllables tend to maintain the lexical tone, whereas the unstressed syllables are inclined to weaken the tone phonologically or non-phonologically, which expands & refines the proposal of Duamu1993 and Jiang2005. We also have demonstrated that unleveled pitch contour, in addition to duration, is the perceptual cue for stress in Changsha dialect. Based on the weakening hierarchy of tones, we have proposed a metrical stress structure consisting of syllable, foot, colon and prosodic word for Beijing Mandarin and Changsha dialect, in which the distinction among stresses on some levels is not phonetically realized. We have found some systematic differences in stress patterns between Beijing Mandarin and Changsha dialect in tight coordinate phrases and modifier to head phrases that can arguably be attributed to a gradual process of lexicalization. We have also proposed that there are five kinds of information structures in the phrases of Changsha dialect, and it is only when the information value of the back of phrases is slightly newer than the one of the front that syllable number and pitch contour would become key factors to decide stress patterns of phrases. It is demonstrated in this thesis that the words and phrases with weak-strong pattern in Mandarin are influenced by both sentence stress and pause, while those in the Changsha dialect by sentence stress only.
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