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Title: Fields of Attraction in Phonology
Authors: Mohanan, K.P. 
Issue Date: 13-Dec-2016
Citation: Mohanan, K.P. (2016-12-13). Fields of Attraction in Phonology. Fields of Attraction in Phonology. ScholarBank@NUS Repository.
Abstract: Variability, invariance, & naturalness in cross-linguistic patterns of phonological alternation & distribution are explained by universal unmarked distribution requirements viewed as universal attractors that influence language development through mutual reinforcement & conflict. The direct stipulation of universal regularities in current formulations is criticized for failure to capture the universality & naturalness of widespread patterns that vary in detail across languages or fail to appear in individual languages. Eleven cross-linguistic predictions regarding place assimilation are derived in an application of a dynamic model of attraction & dominance to data from English, Hindi, Malayalam, & Korean; it is argued that a radical underspecification treatment of the same material cannot account coherently for any of the predicted asymmetries. Minimization of articulatory cost is divided into two fields of attraction, fewest gestures & least effort, & is opposed to a field of attraction that tends to maintain lexical distinctions; principles of consonant lenition & vowel reduction are stated in this framework. Implications for a chaotic attractor model of the language faculty are explored. J. Hitchcock.
Source Title: Fields of Attraction in Phonology
ISBN: 0226301559
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