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Title: Thermally activated dynamics : Stochastic models and their applications
Keywords: Langevin dynamics; Monte Carlo method; Brownian ratchets; Thermally induced magnetization reversal
Issue Date: 4-Apr-2008
Citation: CHENG XINGZHI (2008-04-04). Thermally activated dynamics : Stochastic models and their applications. ScholarBank@NUS Repository.
Abstract: In this thesis, a systematic approach as using the random walk Monte Carlo method is proposed to solve the Langevin dynamics and the corresponding Fokker-Planck equations. The theoretical basis for the approach is established by examining the equivalence between the Monte Carlo method and the Langevin equations. By applying the Monte Carlo analysis, transport in Brownian ratchets can be simplified into random walks within a site chain with two absorbing boundaries. Analytical expression for the probability current is obtained by applying the Monte Carlo evolutionary techniques. Extension of the Monte Carlo model to multi-dimensional system, especially the micromagnetic model, is also discussed. Proper algorithm is implemented in the Monte Carlo model to represent the precessional motion and damping motion respectively. The Monte Carlo algorithm has comparable improvement in simulation efficiency to the Langevin simulation. Specially, it has a distinct advantage to identify the role of precessional motion in micromagentic models.
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