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Title: On Locally Bound Anaphora
Authors: Mohanan, K.P. 
Issue Date: 1984
Citation: Mohanan, K.P. (1984). On Locally Bound Anaphora. Linguistic Analysis 13 (4) : 329-331. ScholarBank@NUS Repository.
Abstract: Michael K. Brame's theory of Locally Bound Anaphora ([LBA], see LLBA 19/2, 8502666) is critically examined. The LBA analysis is claimed to predict that reflexives & reciprocals (1) must be bound to subjects, (2) depend upon predicate selection, & (3) must be bound within their clause. It is noted that reflexives bound to Os are found in French, Icelandic, & Eng, & possessive reflexives, such as are attested in Chinese, Japanese, & Malayalam, are not selected by predicates. Moreover, there exist langs, eg, Malayalam, in which reflexives can be bound by antecedents several clauses away. As each of the predictions can be shown to be false, it is concluded that the local approach to anaphora is untenable. In Bound Anaphora is Still Local: A Response to Mohanan, Michael K. Brame (U of Washington, Seattle) takes issue with Mohanan's criticisms of the LBA analysis. Each of the predictions that Mohanan attributes to the local theory are shown to be based on misconceptions. The data cited in fact fortify the local approach. Various arguments in favor of LBA that the global framework is inherently incapable of countering are reviewed. P. Farrell.
Source Title: Linguistic Analysis
ISSN: 00989053
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