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Title: Unusual aspects of the venom apparatus of the blue coral snake, maticora bivirgata
Authors: Gopalakrishnakone, P. 
Kochva, E.
Issue Date: 1990
Citation: Gopalakrishnakone, P., Kochva, E. (1990). Unusual aspects of the venom apparatus of the blue coral snake, maticora bivirgata. Archives of Histology and Cytology 53 (2) : 199-210. ScholarBank@NUS Repository.
Abstract: Light and transmission electron microscopic observations of the venom gland of the blue coral snake revealed a main venom gland and a long duct. The main secretory cell showed characteristic features of a protein secreting cell, with small microvilli, and a cytoplasm containing vacuoles and vesicles. Another type of ''dark cell'' and a third type of ''basal cell'' were also seen. ''Nerve terminals'' supplying the gland showed pleomorphic vesicles. The compressor muscle surrounding the venom gland showed the A band, Z disc, and H zone. Satellite cells were seen among muscle fibres. The neuromuscular junctions supplying the muscle showed clear vesicles. Scanning electron microscopy of the fangs showed the entrance lumen, discharge orifice, suture and the dental ridge. These findings are compared with relevant structures in other snake species.
Source Title: Archives of Histology and Cytology
ISSN: 09149465
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