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dc.titleFabrication and characterization of memory devices based on organic/polymer materials
dc.contributor.authorSONG YAN
dc.identifier.citationSONG YAN (2008-03-12). Fabrication and characterization of memory devices based on organic/polymer materials. ScholarBank@NUS Repository.
dc.description.abstractOrganic materials have been aggressively explored for semiconductor deviceapplications. As an emerging area in organic electronics, organic/polymer memorieshave become an active research topic in recent years. Organic/polymer memoriesbased on bistable electrical switching are likely to be an alternative or supplementarytechnology to the conventional memory technology facing the problem in miniaturizing from micro- to nano-scale. This dissertation mainly presents the fabrications and characterizations of three different kinds of polymer material based memory device.(1) A conjugated copolymer PF8Eu was synthesized. Based on this material, we fabricated a metal-insulator-metal structured device. This device showed a write-once-read-many times (WORM) memory behavior. (2) A flash-typed memory device was fabricated by using PKEu as the active layer between ITO and aluminum electrodes. (3) A flash-typed device using polymer mixed with nanoparticles as the active layer between two metal electrodes was fabricated.
dc.subjectPolymer Memory, PVK, Europium, charge transfer, bistable, non volatile
dc.contributor.departmentELECTRICAL & COMPUTER ENGINEERING
dc.contributor.supervisorZHU CHUNXIANG
dc.contributor.supervisorKWONG DIM-LEE
dc.description.degreeconferredDOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY
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