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dc.titleLocalization of the nuclear matrix protein mitotin in mouse cells with a mitotic or endomitotic cell cycle
dc.contributor.authorMontag, M.
dc.identifier.citationMontag, M. (1992). Localization of the nuclear matrix protein mitotin in mouse cells with a mitotic or endomitotic cell cycle. Experimental Cell Research 202 (1) : 207-210. ScholarBank@NUS Repository.
dc.description.abstractImmunofluorescence staining was used to study the precise subcellular distribution of the nuclear matrix antigen, mitotin, in mouse cells characterized by either a mitotic or an endomitotic organization of the cell cycle. In mitotically dividing cells, mitotin showed a speckled distribution within interphase nuclei. In addition, some interphase cells exhibited a weak, focused signal adjacent to the nucleus, reflecting a possible staining of the centrosome region. Using digital contrast-enhanced immunofluorescence microscopy, a distinct association of mitotin to the centrosome, pole microtubules, and midbody could be revealed in cells at different stages of mitosis. In parallel, trophoblast giant cells characterized by an endomitotic cell cycle were derived from blastocyst outgrowths and analyzed likewise. In all giant cells examined so far, mitotin was restricted to the nuclear compartment alone, although different patterns of intranuclear staining could be detected. The present study provides further information about the precise localization of mitotin in mitotic cells, especially during mitosis. In view of the results, the staining pattern observed in endomitotic cells may allow for a better understanding of the origin and the organization of the endomitotic cell cycle.
dc.contributor.departmentOBSTETRICS & GYNAECOLOGY
dc.description.sourcetitleExperimental Cell Research
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