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Title: Spectroscopic studies of two dimensional carbon nanostructures and semiconductor quantum dots
Keywords: Raman, graphene, carbon, quantum dots, photoluminensence
Issue Date: 23-Feb-2008
Citation: NI ZHENHUA (2008-02-23). Spectroscopic studies of two dimensional carbon nanostructures and semiconductor quantum dots. ScholarBank@NUS Repository.
Abstract: Graphene, the one monolayer thick flat graphite, has been attracting much interest since it was firstly reported in 2004. Graphene has many unique properties which make it an attractive material for fundamental study as well as for potential applications. In this study, firstly, we proposed a fast and precise method to discriminate the single-, bilayer- and few-layer graphene (<10 layers) by using contrast spectra, which were generated from the reflection light of a white light source. Secondly, Raman studies of graphene with single and few layers have been carried out. Thirdly, we report the first experimental study of process induced defects and strains in graphene using Raman spectroscopy and imaging.Two-dimensional carbon nanowalls (CNWs) were also prepared by microwave plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD). The Raman observations of different sample orientations and polarizations show that CNWs are well-crystallized. Besides, high temperature Raman experiment was also performed.
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