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Title: Rapid pullout test of soil nail
Authors: OOI POH HAI
Keywords: Rapid test, Pullout test, Soil nail, Radiation damping, Damping coefficient, Unloading point
Issue Date: 20-Mar-2007
Citation: OOI POH HAI (2007-03-20). Rapid pullout test of soil nail. ScholarBank@NUS Repository.
Abstract: This thesis presents an experimental study that investigated the rapid pullout response of soil nail and evaluated the potential of rapid pullout test as an alternative pullout test method to assess quasi static pullout response of soil nail. The results of this study showed that loading rate has significant influences on pullout response of rough nail but has negligible influence on pullout response of smooth nail. The pre peak rapid pullout response of rough nail was enhanced by radiation damping effect. a??Actuala?? damping coefficient mobilized in rapid pullout tests on rough nail was decreasing with pullout displacement, most probably caused by progressive evolution of high strain weaken zone adjacent to shaft. The results of these experiments showed that the use of rapid pullout test to assess quasi static pullout response of soil nail is feasible if the results of rapid pullout test are interpreted by a proper interpretation method.
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