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Title: Get "real" with hysteroscopy using the pig bladder: A "uterine" model for hysteroscopy training
Authors: Ng, Y.W.
Fong, Y.F. 
Keywords: Hysteroscopy
Pig bladder
Surgical skills
Issue Date: Jan-2013
Abstract: Introduction: This study aimed to develop a realistic and lifelike uterine model for the training of hysteroscopy skills. Materials and Methods: A lifelike "uterine" model was constructed using female pig bladder. The pig bladder was enclosed within a malleable mould, with both ureters blocked by pins. Both rigid and fl exible hysteroscopes were used in this study. Results: Basic diagnostic hysteroscopy can be performed in the usual fashion using this lifelike model. The cost of each learning station is minimal. Pig bladder accurately simulates the human uterus with its realistic tactile feel, and conditions in the surgical environment, including obscuration of vision by debris, uterine "folds", realistic "ostia", incomplete shearing of tissue, "uterine" perforation, etc. Conclusion: This lowcost novel model provides realistic tissue resistance and yields an almost anatomically accurate hysteroscopic training tool, thereby allowing trainees to effectively acquire both diagnostic and therapeutic hysteroscopic skills.
Source Title: Annals of the Academy of Medicine Singapore
ISSN: 03044602
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