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Title: The geographies of marginalization
Authors: Trudeau, D.
Mcmorran, C. 
Keywords: Concern about social exclusion - multiple tears in social fabric of societies
Duncan and Duncan's Landscapes of Privilege - investigating an interesting problem in landscape studies of exclusion
Experiencing exclusion, geographers - marginalized groups' everyday experiences of exclusion and practices
Geographers, marginalization an inherently socio-spatial process - spatial metaphor drawing attention to geographical aspects of exclusion
Geographies of marginalization, how space is fashioned to privilege groups and marginalize others, space contributing to social exclusion of groups
Journal Antipode, forum for discussion of radical theory - and praxis in geography, call for action to address marginalization and attendant injustices
Landscape and exclusion - landscape study, deep roots in cultural geography
landscapes of privilege, and problems - relevant to study of exclusion and marginality
Marginalization, as a process of becoming peripheral - matter of substantial interest in human geography
Social and cultural geographers - exploring exclusion and marginalization
Issue Date: 20-Apr-2011
Source Title: A Companion to Social Geography
ISBN: 9781405189774
DOI: 10.1002/9781444395211.ch25
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