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Title: International consensus on (ICON) pediatric asthma
Authors: Papadopoulos, N.G.
Arakawa, H.
Carlsen, K.-H.
Custovic, A.
Gern, J.
Lemanske, R.
Le Souef, P.
Mäkelä, M.
Roberts, G.
Wong, G.
Zar, H.
Akdis, C.A.
Bacharier, L.B.
Baraldi, E.
Van Bever, H.P. 
De Blic, J.
Boner, A.
Burks, W.
Casale, T.B.
Castro-Rodriguez, J.A.
Chen, Y.Z.
El-Gamal, Y.M.
Everard, M.L.
Frischer, T.
Geller, M.
Gereda, J.
Goh, D.Y. 
Guilbert, T.W.
Hedlin, G.
Heymann, P.W.
Hong, S.J.
Hossny, E.M.
Huang, J.L.
Jackson, D.J.
De Jongste, J.C.
Kalayci, O.
Aït-Khaled, N.
Kling, S.
Kuna, P.
Lau, S.
Ledford, D.K.
Lee, S.I.
Liu, A.H.
Lockey, R.F.
Lãdrup-Carlsen, K.
Lötvall, J.
Morikawa, A.
Nieto, A.
Paramesh, H.
Pawankar, R.
Pohunek, P.
Pongracic, J.
Price, D.
Robertson, C.
Rosario, N.
Rossenwasser, L.J.
Sly, P.D.
Stein, R.
Stick, S.
Szefler, S.
Taussig, L.M.
Valovirta, E.
Vichyanond, P.
Wallace, D.
Weinberg, E.
Wennergren, G.
Wildhaber, J.
Zeiger, R.S.
Keywords: Asthma
Issue Date: Aug-2012
Citation: Papadopoulos, N.G., Arakawa, H., Carlsen, K.-H., Custovic, A., Gern, J., Lemanske, R., Le Souef, P., Mäkelä, M., Roberts, G., Wong, G., Zar, H., Akdis, C.A., Bacharier, L.B., Baraldi, E., Van Bever, H.P., De Blic, J., Boner, A., Burks, W., Casale, T.B., Castro-Rodriguez, J.A., Chen, Y.Z., El-Gamal, Y.M., Everard, M.L., Frischer, T., Geller, M., Gereda, J., Goh, D.Y., Guilbert, T.W., Hedlin, G., Heymann, P.W., Hong, S.J., Hossny, E.M., Huang, J.L., Jackson, D.J., De Jongste, J.C., Kalayci, O., Aït-Khaled, N., Kling, S., Kuna, P., Lau, S., Ledford, D.K., Lee, S.I., Liu, A.H., Lockey, R.F., Lãdrup-Carlsen, K., Lötvall, J., Morikawa, A., Nieto, A., Paramesh, H., Pawankar, R., Pohunek, P., Pongracic, J., Price, D., Robertson, C., Rosario, N., Rossenwasser, L.J., Sly, P.D., Stein, R., Stick, S., Szefler, S., Taussig, L.M., Valovirta, E., Vichyanond, P., Wallace, D., Weinberg, E., Wennergren, G., Wildhaber, J., Zeiger, R.S. (2012-08). International consensus on (ICON) pediatric asthma. Allergy: European Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology 67 (8) : 976-997. ScholarBank@NUS Repository.
Abstract: Asthma is the most common chronic lower respiratory disease in childhood throughout the world. Several guidelines and/or consensus documents are available to support medical decisions on pediatric asthma. Although there is no doubt that the use of common systematic approaches for management can considerably improve outcomes, dissemination and implementation of these are still major challenges. Consequently, the International Collaboration in Asthma, Allergy and Immunology (iCAALL), recently formed by the EAACI, AAAAI, ACAAI, and WAO, has decided to propose an International Consensus on (ICON) Pediatric Asthma. The purpose of this document is to highlight the key messages that are common to many of the existing guidelines, while critically reviewing and commenting on any differences, thus providing a concise reference. The principles of pediatric asthma management are generally accepted. Overall, the treatment goal is disease control. To achieve this, patients and their parents should be educated to optimally manage the disease, in collaboration with healthcare professionals. Identification and avoidance of triggers is also of significant importance. Assessment and monitoring should be performed regularly to re-evaluate and fine-tune treatment. Pharmacotherapy is the cornerstone of treatment. The optimal use of medication can, in most cases, help patients control symptoms and reduce the risk for future morbidity. The management of exacerbations is a major consideration, independent of chronic treatment. There is a trend toward considering phenotype-specific treatment choices; however, this goal has not yet been achieved. © 2012 John Wiley & Sons A/S.
Source Title: Allergy: European Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology
ISSN: 01054538
DOI: 10.1111/j.1398-9995.2012.02865.x
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