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Title: Meta-analysis of Genome-Wide Association Studies Identifies Novel Loci Associated With Optic Disc Morphology
Authors: Springelkamp, Henriet
Mishra, Aniket
Hysi, Pirro G.
Gharahkhani, Puyo
Hohn, Rene
Khor, Chiea Chuen 
Cooke, Bailey Jessica N.
Luo Xiaoyan
Ramdas, Wishal D.
Vithana, Eranga Nishanthie 
Koh, Victor
Yazar, Seyhan
Xu, Liang
Forward, H.
Kearns, L.S.
Amin, N.
Iglesias, A.I.
Sim, K.-S.
van Leeuwen, E.M.
Demirkan, A.
van der Lee, S.
Loon, Seng-Chee
Rivadeneira, F.
Nag, A.
Sanfilippo, P.G.
Schillert, A.
de Jong, P.T.V.M.
Oostra, B.A.
Uitterlinden, A.G.
Hofman, A.
Zhou, T.
Burdon, K.P.
Spector, T.D.
Lackner, K.J.
Saw, Seang-Mei 
Vingerling, J.R.
Pasquale L.R.
Wolfs, R.C.W.
Lemij, H.G.
Tai, E.-Shyong 
Jonas, J.B.
Cheng, Ching-Yu 
Aung, Tin 
Jansonius, N.M.
Klaver, C.C.W.
Craig, J.E.
Young, T.L.
Haines, J.L.
Macgregor, S.
Mackey, D.A.
Pfeiffer, N.
Wong, Tien Yin 
Wiggs, J.L.
Hewitt, A.W.
van Duijn, C.M.
Hammond, C.J.
Allingham, R.R.
Brilliant, M.H.
Budenz, D.L.
Bailey, J.N.C.
Christen, W.G.
Fingert, J.
Gaasterland, D.
Gaasterland, T.
Hauser, M.A.
Kang, J.H.
Kraft, P.
Lee, R.K.
Lichter, P.A.
Liu, Y.
Loomis, S.J.
Moroi, S.E.
Pericak-Vance, M.A.
Realini, A.
Richards, J.E.
Schuman, J.S.
Scott, W.K.
Singh, K.
Sit, A.J.
Vollrath, D.
Weinreb, R.N.
Wollstein, G.
Zack, D.J.
Zhang, K.
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: Wiley-Liss Inc.
Citation: Springelkamp, Henriet, Mishra, Aniket, Hysi, Pirro G., Gharahkhani, Puyo, Hohn, Rene, Khor, Chiea Chuen, Cooke, Bailey Jessica N., Luo Xiaoyan, Ramdas, Wishal D., Vithana, Eranga Nishanthie, Koh, Victor, Yazar, Seyhan, Xu, Liang, Forward, H., Kearns, L.S., Amin, N., Iglesias, A.I., Sim, K.-S., van Leeuwen, E.M., Demirkan, A., van der Lee, S., Loon, Seng-Chee, Rivadeneira, F., Nag, A., Sanfilippo, P.G., Schillert, A., de Jong, P.T.V.M., Oostra, B.A., Uitterlinden, A.G., Hofman, A., Zhou, T., Burdon, K.P., Spector, T.D., Lackner, K.J., Saw, Seang-Mei, Vingerling, J.R., Teo,Yik-Ying, Pasquale L.R., Wolfs, R.C.W., Lemij, H.G., Tai, E.-Shyong, Jonas, J.B., Cheng, Ching-Yu, Aung, Tin, Jansonius, N.M., Klaver, C.C.W., Craig, J.E., Young, T.L., Haines, J.L., Macgregor, S., Mackey, D.A., Pfeiffer, N., Wong, Tien Yin, Wiggs, J.L., Hewitt, A.W., van Duijn, C.M., Hammond, C.J., Allingham, R.R., Brilliant, M.H., Budenz, D.L., Bailey, J.N.C., Christen, W.G., Fingert, J., Gaasterland, D., Gaasterland, T., Hauser, M.A., Kang, J.H., Kraft, P., Lee, R.K., Lichter, P.A., Liu, Y., Loomis, S.J., Moroi, S.E., Pericak-Vance, M.A., Realini, A., Richards, J.E., Schuman, J.S., Scott, W.K., Singh, K., Sit, A.J., Vollrath, D., Weinreb, R.N., Wollstein, G., Zack, D.J., Zhang, K. (2015). Meta-analysis of Genome-Wide Association Studies Identifies Novel Loci Associated With Optic Disc Morphology. Genetic Epidemiology 39 (3) : 207-216. ScholarBank@NUS Repository.
Source Title: Genetic Epidemiology
ISSN: 07410395
DOI: 10.1002/gepi.21886
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