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Title: Testicular oxytocin gene expression in seminiferous tubules of cattle and transgenic mice
Authors: Ang, H.-L. 
Ungefroren, H.
De Bree, F.
Foo, N.-C. 
Carter, D. 
Burbach, J.P.
Ivell, R.
Murphy, D. 
Issue Date: Apr-1991
Citation: Ang, H.-L.,Ungefroren, H.,De Bree, F.,Foo, N.-C.,Carter, D.,Burbach, J.P.,Ivell, R.,Murphy, D. (1991-04). Testicular oxytocin gene expression in seminiferous tubules of cattle and transgenic mice. Endocrinology 128 (4) : 2110-2117. ScholarBank@NUS Repository.
Abstract: We are using transgenic mice to study the regulation of the bovine vasopressin (VP) and oxytocin (OT) genes. Prompted by the observation that mice bearing a bovine OT transgene express bovine OT RNA in their testes, we investigated the expression of the VP-OT locus in normal mice and cattle. Normal wild-type mice do not have detectable levels of either VP or OT RNA in their testes. Normal cattle are also devoid of detectable VP transcripts, but have relatively high levels of testicular OT RNA. Additionally, OT, but not VP, peptide is detectable by HPLC. In situ hybridization to RNA in bovine testicular tissue sections localized OT transcripts to seminiferous tubules, with a distribution similar to that of α-inhibin, suggesting expression in Sertoli cells. Interestingly, the bovine OT RNAs in the transgenic mouse testes were also shown by in situ hybridization to have the same distribution. These data suggest that the cis-acting regulatory sequences responsible for expression of the OT gene in bovine Sertoli testis reside within the limits of the transgene used in this study. Further, the trans-acting factors present in murine testicular cells are able to recognize these elements, although they do not express the endogenous mouse OT gene in this tissue.
Source Title: Endocrinology
ISSN: 00137227
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