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Title: Characterization of the sequence and expression of a Ykt6 prenylated SNARE from rat
Authors: Catchpoole, D.R.
Wanjin, H. 
Issue Date: Feb-1999
Citation: Catchpoole, D.R., Wanjin, H. (1999-02). Characterization of the sequence and expression of a Ykt6 prenylated SNARE from rat. DNA and Cell Biology 18 (2) : 141-145. ScholarBank@NUS Repository.
Abstract: The Ykt6 protein represents a novel soluble N-ethylmaleimide-sensitive fusion protein receptor (SNARE), as it is the only one known without a hydrophobic transmembrane region at the carboxy terminus. For this SNARE, however, membrane interaction is thought to be mediated through a cysteine/aliphatic/aliphatic/methionine or histidine (CAAX) C-terminal motif, a consensus sequence involved in prenylated membrane anchoring. To date, two full-length Ykt6 cDNAs have been reported, these being in yeast and human, with a further protein predicted from a Caenorhabditis elegans cosmid. Using a mouse EST clone identified as having 65% homology with the human Ykt6, we isolated a cDNA clone encoding the rat Ykt6 homolog (rYkt6). Sequence analysis of rYkt6 demonstrated that a high level of species conservation exists between the rat and human prenylated SNAREs, as both the nucleotide and amino acid sequences share >90% homology. Mammalian Ykt6 is shown here for the first time to be constitutively expressed in a variety of tissues. The species conservation and ubiquitous expression of prenylated SNAREs hence may be indicative of an important and central role for these proteins in cellular protein trafficking.
Source Title: DNA and Cell Biology
ISSN: 10445498
DOI: 10.1089/104454999315529
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