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Title: Replication of 13 obesity loci among Singaporean Chinese, Malay and Asian-Indian populations
Authors: Dorajoo, R.
Blakemore, A.I.F.
Sim, X. 
Ong, R.T.-H. 
Ng, D.P.K. 
Seielstad, M.
Wong, T.-Y.
Saw, S.-M. 
Froguel, P.
Liu, J.
Tai, E.-S.
Keywords: Asian
body mass index
Issue Date: Jan-2012
Citation: Dorajoo, R., Blakemore, A.I.F., Sim, X., Ong, R.T.-H., Ng, D.P.K., Seielstad, M., Wong, T.-Y., Saw, S.-M., Froguel, P., Liu, J., Tai, E.-S. (2012-01). Replication of 13 obesity loci among Singaporean Chinese, Malay and Asian-Indian populations. International Journal of Obesity 36 (1) : 159-163. ScholarBank@NUS Repository.
Abstract: Objective: Recent genome-wide association studies (GWAS) have identified 38 obesity-associated loci among European populations. However, their contribution to obesity in other ethnicities is largely unknown.Methods:We utilised five GWAS (N10482) from Chinese (three cohorts, including one with type 2 diabetes and another one of children), Malay and Indian ethnic groups from Singapore. Data sets were analysed individually and subsequently in combined meta-analysis for Z-score body-mass index (BMI) associations. Results: Variants at the FTO locus showed the strongest associations with BMI Z-score after meta-analysis (P-values 1.16 × 107-7.95 × 107). We further detected associations with nine other index obesity variants close to the MC4R, GNPDA2, TMEM18, QPCTLGIPR, BDNF, ETV5, MAP2K5SKOR1, SEC16B and TNKSMSRA loci (meta-analysis P-values ranging from 3.58 × 104-1.44 × 102). Three other single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) from CADM2, PTBP2 and FAIM2 were associated with BMI (P-value = 0.0418) in at least one dataset. The neurotrophinTRK pathway (P-value0.029) was highlighted by pathway-based analysis of loci that had statistically significant associations among Singaporean populations.Conclusion:Our data confirm the role of FTO in obesity predisposition among Chinese, Malays and Indians, the three major Asian ethnic groups. We additionally detected associations for 12 obesity-associated SNPs among Singaporeans. Thus, it is likely that Europeans and Asians share some of the genetic predisposition to obesity. Furthermore, the neurotrophinTRK signalling may have a central role for common obesity among Asians. © 2012 Macmillan Publishers Limited All rights reserved.
Source Title: International Journal of Obesity
ISSN: 03070565
DOI: 10.1038/ijo.2011.86
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