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Title: Analysis of the local organization and dynamics of cellular actin networks
Authors: Luo, W.
Yu, C.-H.
Lieu, Z.Z.
Allard, J.
Mogilner, A.
Sheetz, M.P. 
Bershadsky, A.D.
Issue Date: 2013
Citation: Luo, W., Yu, C.-H., Lieu, Z.Z., Allard, J., Mogilner, A., Sheetz, M.P., Bershadsky, A.D. (2013). Analysis of the local organization and dynamics of cellular actin networks. Journal of Cell Biology 202 (7) : 1057-1073. ScholarBank@NUS Repository.
Abstract: A ctin filaments, with the aid of multiple accessory proteins, self-assemble into a variety of network patterns. We studied the organization and dynamics of the actin network in nonadhesive regions of cells bridging fibronectin-coated adhesive strips. The network was formed by actin nodes associated with and linked by myosin II and containing the formin disheveled-associated activator of morphogenesis 1 (DAAM1) and the crosslinker filamin A (FlnA). After Latrunculin A (LatA) addition, actin nodes appeared to be more prominent and demonstrated drift-diffusion motion. Superresolution microscopy revealed that, in untreated cells, DAAM1 formed patches with a similar spatial arrangement to the actin nodes. Node movement (diffusion coefficient and velocity) in LatA-treated cells was dependent on the level and activity of myosin IIA, DAAM1, and FlnA. Based on our results, we developed a computational model of the dynamic formin-filamin-actin asters that can self-organize into a contractile actomyosin network. We suggest that such networks are critical for connecting distant parts of the cell to maintain the mechanical coherence of the cytoplasm. © 2013 Shigeoka et al.
Source Title: Journal of Cell Biology
ISSN: 00219525
DOI: 10.1083/jcb.201210123
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