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11-Sep-2022Assessing the outcomes and experiences of care from the perspective of people living with chronic conditions, to support countries in developing people-centred policies and practices: study protocol of the International Survey of People Living with Chronic Conditions (PaRIS survey)de Boer, Dolf; van den Berg, Michael; Ballester, Marta; Bloemeke, Janika; Boerma, Wienke; de Bienassis, Katherine; Groenewegen, Peter; Groene, Oliver; Kendir, Candan; Klazinga, Niek; Porter, Ian; Sunol, Rosa; Thomas, Laura; Valderas, Jose Maria ; Williams, Rachel; Rijken, Mieke
224-Jan-2022Continuity of GP care for patients with dementia: impact on prescribing and the health of patientsDelgado, Joao; Evans, Philip H; Gray, Denis Pereira; Sidaway-Lee, Kate; Allan, Louise; Clare, Linda; Ballard, Clive; Masoli, Jane; Valderas, Jose M ; Melzer, David
31-Apr-2021Estimating and characterizing the burden of multimorbidity in the community: A comprehensive multistep analysis of two large nationwide representative surveys in FranceCoste, Joel; Valderas, Jose M ; Carcaillon-Bentata, Laure
41-May-2022How to Improve Healthcare for Patients with Multimorbidity and Polypharmacy in Primary Care: A Pragmatic Cluster-Randomized Clinical Trial of the MULTIPAP InterventionDel Cura-Gonzalez, Isabel; Lopez-Rodriguez, Juan A; Leiva-Fernandez, Francisca; Gimeno-Miguel, Antonio; Poblador-Plou, Beatriz; Lopez-Verde, Fernando; Lozano-Hernandez, Cristina; Pico-Soler, Victoria; Bujalance-Zafra, Ma Josefa; Gimeno-Feliu, Luis A; Aza-Pascual-Salcedo, Mercedes; Rogero-Blanco, Marisa; Gonzalez-Rubio, Francisca; Garcia-de-Blas, Francisca; Polentinos-Castro, Elena; Sanz-Cuesta, Teresa; Castillo-Jimena, Marcos; Alonso-Garcia, Marcos; Calderon-Larranaga, Amaia; Valderas, Jose M ; Marengoni, Alessandra; Muth, Christiane; Prados-Torres, Juan Daniel; Prados-Torres, Alexandra
51-Sep-2021Influence of pre-existing multimorbidity on receiving a hip arthroplasty: cohort study of 28 025 elderly subjects from UK primary careFerguson, Rory; Prieto-Alhambra, Daniel; Peat, George; Delmestri, Antonella; Jordan, Kelvin P; Strauss, Vicky Y; Valderas, Jose Maria ; Walker, Christine; Yu, Dahai; Glyn-Jones, Sion; Silman, Alan
61-Jul-2022Use of computerised adaptive testing to reduce the number of items in patient-reported hip and knee outcome scores: an analysis of the NHS England National Patient-Reported Outcome Measures programmeEvans, Jonathan Peter; Gibbons, Christopher; Toms, Andrew D; Valderas, Jose Maria