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Zoe Jane-Lara Hildon


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19-Nov-2022A systematic review defining non-beneficial and inappropriate end-of-life treatment in patients with non-cancer diagnoses: theoretical development for multi-stakeholder intervention design in acute care settingsLo, Jamie Jay-May; Graves, Nicholas ; Chee, Joyce Huimin; Hildon, Zoe Jane-Lara 
230-Sep-2022“Antibiotics are for everyone, our past and our future generations, right? If antibiotics are dead, we will be in big trouble”: Building on community values for public engagement on appropriate use of antibiotics in SingaporeGuo, H; Hildon, ZJL ; Chow, A 
325-Jan-2023Evaluating the Effects of Capacity Building Initiatives and Primary Care Networks in Singapore: Outcome Harvesting of System Changes to Chronic Disease Care DeliveryChen, ATH; Koh, GCH ; Fong, NP ; Lim, JFY ; Hildon, ZJL 
49-Oct-2020Exploring the Perceptions of the Ageing Experience in Singaporean Older Adults: a Qualitative StudyShiraz, F ; Hildon, ZLJ ; Vrijhoef, HJM
51-Dec-2022Exploring theory-based behavioral interventions promoting COVID-19 prevention and healthcare-seeking for migrant worker men in Singapore: a qualitative studyHildon, ZJL ; Panchapakesan, C; Hasan, MT; Khaled, N; Chan, AY ; Tripathi, S ; Wong, MCP; Lwin, MO; I-Cheng, MC ; Afsana, K
6Oct-2021Factors and experiences associated with unscheduled 30-day hospital readmission: A mixed method study.Mukhopadhyay, Amartya ; Mohankumar, Bhuvaneshwari; Chong, Lin Siew ; Hildon, Zoe JL ; Tai, Bee Choo ; Quek, Swee Chye 
711-Oct-2017Informing new or improved vector control tools for reducing the malaria burden in Tanzania: A qualitative exploration of perceptions of mosquitoes and methods for their control among the residents of Dar es SalaamMakungu, C; Stephen, S; Kumburu, S; Govella, NJ; Dongus, S; Hildon, ZJL ; Killeen, GF; Jones, C
830-Dec-2021The Associations between Poor Antibiotic and Antimicrobial Resistance Knowledge and Inappropriate Antibiotic Use in the General Population Are Modified by AgeGuo, Huiling; Hildon, Zoe Jane-Lara ; Lye, David Chien Boon ; Straughan, Paulin Tay; Chow, Angela 
91-Dec-2022“The emotions were like a roller-coaster”: a qualitative analysis of e-diary data on healthcare worker resilience and adaptation during the COVID-19 outbreak in SingaporeChan, AY ; Ting, C; Chan, LG; Hildon, ZJL 
102019Theory and Design of the Community for successful ageing (ComSA) program in Singapore: Connecting BioPsychoSocial health and quality of life experiences of older adultsAw, S.; Koh, G.C.H. ; Tan, C.S. ; Wong, M.L. ; Vrijhoef, H.J.M.; Harding, S.C.; Geronimo, M.A.B.; Hildon, Z.J.L. 
112020"we have this, with my husband, we live in harmony": Exploring the gendered decision-making matrix for malaria prevention and treatment in Nampula Province, MozambiqueHildon, Z.J.-L. ; Escorcio-Ymayo, M.; Zulliger, R.; Arias De Aramburú, R.; Lewicky, N.; Harig, H.; Chidassicua, J.B.; Underwood, C.; Pinto, L.; Figueroa, M.E.
1221-Feb-2022"Well, I Signed Up to Be a Soldier; I Have Been Trained and Equipped Well": Exploring Healthcare Workers' Experiences during COVID-19 Organizational Changes in Singapore, from the First Wave to the Path towards EndemicityTing, Celene; Chan, Alyssa Yenyi ; Chan, Lai Gwen; Hildon, Zoe Jane-Lara