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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
115-Sep-1998A general learning algorithm for solving optimization problems and its application to the spin glass problemChen, K. 
2Feb-2004Adiabatic theory for the population distribution in the evolutionary minority gameChen, K. ; Wang, B.-H.; Yuan, B.
3Aug-2004Computational Materials: PrefaceFeng, Y.P. ; Chen, K. ; Philpott, M.R. ; Srolovitz, D.; Wu, P.
41998Dynamics of dry friction: A numerical investigationLim, Y.F.; Chen, K. 
57-Apr-1997Earthquakes in quasistatic models of fractures in elastic media: Formalism and numerical techniquesChen, K. ; Bhagavatula, R.; Jayaprakash, C.
61-Apr-2003Emergence of complex dissipative structures in the Bak-Chen-Tang forest fire modelChen, K. ; Bak, P.
7Jun-2004Evolutionary dynamics and the phase structure of the minority gameYuan, B.; Chen, K. 
830-Sep-2003Extended self-similarity in the forest-fire modelChen, K. ; Bak, P.; Jayaprakash, C.
91-Apr-2002Forest fires and the structure of the universeChen, K. ; Bak, P.
101994Green's function method for random fuse network problemsBhagavatula, R.; Chen, K. ; Jayaprakash, C.; Xu, H.-J.
11Nov-2006Impact of investor's varying risk aversion on the dynamics of asset price fluctuationsYuan, B.; Chen, K. 
121-Mar-1998Kondo effect in Fermi systems with a gap: A renormalization-group studyChen, K. ; Jayaprakash, C.
13Mar-1998Learning algorithm for the uniform graph partitioning problemChua, C.B.; Chen, K. 
1415-Sep-2004Log-Poisson statistics and extended self-similarity in driven dissipative systemsChen, K. ; Jayaprakash, C.
15Feb-2007Modelling collaboration networks based on nonlinear preferential attachmentZhou, T.; Wang, B.-H.; Jin, Y.-D.I.; He, D.A.-R.; Zhang, P.-P.; He, Y.; Su, B.-B.; Chen, K. ; Zhang, Z.-Z.; Liu, J.-G.
16Feb-2002Scale-invariant behavior in a spatial game of prisoners' dilemmaLim, Y.F.; Chen, K. ; Jayaprakash, C.
17Jun-1997Simple learning algorithm for the traveling salesman problemChen, K. 
1812-Mar-2001Solitons in the one-dimensional forest fire modelBak, P.; Chen, K. ; Paczuski, M.
191-Jun-2003Statistical analysis of strait time index and a simple model for trend and trend reversalChen, K. ; Jayaprakash, C.
20Dec-2005The emergence of racial segregation in an agent-based model of residential location: The role of competing preferencesChen, K. ; Irwin, E.G.; Jayaprakash, C.; Warren, K.