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122-Jun-20213D Nominal Scene Reconstruction for Object Localization and UAS NavigationHan, Xu Yang; Srigrarom, Sutthiphong 
21-Apr-2020An Integrated Vision-based Detection-tracking-estimation System for Dynamic Localization of Small Aerial VehiclesSrigrarom, S ; Lee, SM; Lee, M; Shaohui, F; Ratsamee, P
325-Aug-2021Drone detection and localization using omnidirectional camerasChua, Kieren; Loh, Yu Kang; SUTTHIPHONG SRIGRAROM 
420-Jan-2021Drone detection using YOLOv3 with transfer learning on NVIDIA Jetson TX2Wei Xun, DT; Lim, YL; Srigrarom, S 
520-Jan-2021Enabling Continuous Drone Tracking across Translational Scene Transitions through Frame-StitchingYi, J; Chew, KH; Srigrarom, S 
61-Jan-2021Fast Drone Detection using SSD and YoloV3Hao, YJ; Teck, LK; Xiang, CY; Jeevanraj, E; Srigrarom, S 
716-Apr-2021Field Test Validations of Vision-based Multi-camera Multi-drone Tracking and 3D Localizing with Concurrent Camera Pose EstimationSie, NJ; Srigrarom, S ; Huang, S 
81-Sep-2020Hybrid motion-based object detection for detecting and tracking of small and fast moving dronesSrigrarom, S ; Hoe Chew, K
915-Jun-2021Identification of drone thermal signature by convolutional neural networkChong, Yu Quan; Ong, Le Wei Edmond; SUTTHIPHONG SRIGRAROM 
1016-Apr-2021Improvement of Vision-based Drone Detection and Tracking by Removing Cluttered Background, Shadow and Water Reflection with Super ResolutionTrapal, DDC; Leong, BCC; Ng, HW; Zhong, JTG; Srigrarom, S ; Chan, TH
1120-Jan-2021Multi-camera Multi-drone Detection, Tracking and Localization with Trajectory-based Re-identificationSrigrarom, S ; Sie, NJL; Cheng, H ; Chew, KH; Lee, M; Ratsamee, P
1215-Jun-2021Multi-camera multi-target tracking systems with trajectory-based target matching and re-identificationSie, Jun Liang Niven; Srigrarom, Sutthiphong 
131-Feb-2022Multiple Aerial Targets Re-Identification by 2D-and 3D-Kinematics-Based MatchingSeah, SX; Lau, YH; Srigrarom, S 
1419-Aug-2021Multiple aerial targets re-identification by 3-tiered geometry-based methodsSeah, Shao Xuan; Sie, Jun Liang Niven; Lau, Yan Han; Srigrarom, Sutthiphong 
1513-Dec-2020Near-Parallel Binocular-Like Camera Pair for Multi-Drone Detection and 3D LocalizationYi, J; Srigrarom, S 
1614-Oct-2021Relative Velocity Model to Locate Traffic Accident With Aerial Cameras and YOLOv4Tan, Jie Hng; Lim, Weilie Eric; Chong, Shaowei; SUTTHIPHONG SRIGRAROM 
171-Jan-2021Small flying object classifications based on trajectories and support vector machinesChan, JJX; Srigrarom, S ; Cao, J ; Wang, P ; Ratsamee, P
181-Jan-2021Sunlight Compensation for Vision Based Drone DetectionLau, YH; Jun Liang, NS; Seah, SX; Srigrarom, S 
1925-Aug-2021Tracking of high-speed and aggressively-maneuvered aerial targets by Kalman-Kernelized and Kalman-Discriminative Correlation Filters (K-KCF & K-DCF)Seah, Shao Xuan; Sie, Jun Liang Niven; SUTTHIPHONG SRIGRAROM 
201-Jan-2021Trajectory Prediction Path Planning for an Object Intercepting UAV with a Mounted Depth CameraTan, J; Dasgupta, A; Agrawal, A; Srigrarom, S