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129-Dec-2021Crystal Structure of Na2V2(PO4)3, an Intriguing Phase Spotted in the Na3V2(PO4)3–Na1V2(PO4)3 SystemPark, Sunkyu; Wang, Ziliang; Deng, Zeyu ; Moog, Iona; Canepa, Pieremanuele ; Fauth, François; Carlier, Dany; Croguennec, Laurence; Masquelier, Christian; Chotard, Jean--Noël
2Dec-2022Fundamental investigations on the sodium-ion transport properties of mixed polyanion solid-state battery electrolytesDeng, Zeyu ; Mishra, Tara P; Mahayoni, Eunike; Ma, Qianli; Tieu, Aaron Jue Kang; Guillon, Olivier; Chotard, Jean-Noël; Seznec, Vincent; Cheetham, Anthony K ; Masquelier, Christian; Gautam, Gopalakrishnan Sai; Canepa, Pieremanuele
32-Dec-2021Phase stability and sodium-vacancy orderings in a NaSICON electrodeWang, Ziliang; Park, Sunkyu; Deng, Zeyu ; Carlier, Dany; Chotard, Jean-Noel; Croguennec, Laurence; Gautam, Gopalakrishnan Sai; Cheetham, Anthony K; Masquelier, Christian; Canepa, Pieremanuele 
422-Mar-2022Superionic Conduction in the Plastic Crystal Polymorph of Na4P2S6Scholz, Tanja; Schneider, Christian; Terban, Maxwell W; Deng, Zeyu ; Eger, Roland; Etter, Martin; Dinnebier, Robert E; Canepa, Pieremanuele ; Lotsch, Bettina V
51-Dec-2021Theoretical and Experimental Studies of ion Transport in Mixed Polyanion Solid ElectrolytesDeng, Zeyu ; Mishra T., Tara; Mahayoni, Eunike; Ma, Qianli; Guillon, Olivier; Chotard, Jean-Noel; Seznec, Vincent; Cheetham, Anthony ; Masquelier, Christian; Gautam, Gopalakrishnan Sai; Pieremanuele, Canepa 
620-Dec-2021Towards autonomous high-throughput multiscale modelling of battery interfacesDeng, Zeyu ; Kumar, Vipin; Bolle, Felix T; Caro, Fernando; Franco, Alejandro A; Castelli, Ivano E; Canepa, Pieremanuele ; Seh, Zhi Wei
716-Mar-2020Understanding the Structural and Electronic Properties of Bismuth Trihalides and Related CompoundsDeng, Zeyu ; Wei, Fengxia; Wu, Yue ; Seshadri, Ram; Cheetham, Anthony K ; Canepa, Pieremanuele