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11-Oct-2017Combining Levodopa and Virtual Reality-Based Therapy for the Rehabilitation of Upper Limb After Acute Stroke: Pilot Study Part IISamuel, Geoffrey; OEY NICODEMUS EDRICK ; Choo, Min; JU HAN ; Chan, Wai Yin; Kok, Stanley ; Ge, Yu; ANTONIUS M J VAN DONGEN ; NG YEE SIEN 
26-Dec-2010Decision-Driven Models with Probabilistic Soft LogicBach, Stephen; Broecheler, Matthias; Kok, Stanley ; Getoor, Lise
316-Dec-2018Don't Classify, Translate: Multi-Level E-Commerce Product Categorization via Machine TranslationLi, Maggie Yundi; Kok, Stanley ; Liling, Tan
416-Jun-2013Extracting New Facts and Relations in Knowledge Bases using Matrix Tri-Factorization.Mukherjee, Tanmoy; Pande, Vinay; Stanley Kok 
516-Jul-2009Extracting Product Information from Email Receipts using Markov LogicKok, Stanley ; Yih, Wen-tau
62-Jul-2009Hypergraph Lifting for Structure Learning in Markov Logic NetworksKok, Stanley ; Domingos, Pedro
725-Mar-2013Integration of TV News Stories using Markov LogicStanley Kok 
81-Jul-2015The use of virtual reality-based therapy to augment poststroke upper limb recoverySamuel, Geoffrey; Choo, Min; Chan, Wai Yin; Kok, Stanley ; Ng, Yee Sien 
925-Jun-2006Toward Statistical Predicate InventionKok, Stanley ; Domingos, Pedro
1012-Jul-2018Unconstrained Product Categorization with Sequence-to-Sequence ModelsLi, Maggie Yundi; Kok, Stanley; Stanley Kok 
1111-Jul-2010Using Structural Motifs for Learning Markov Logic NetworksStanley Kok ; Domingos, Pedro